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Hello again, glad to have you back!
Welcome to Day Three out of seven days of sharing with you our Canoe View.

Today, we present to you a basic, unembellished list, in no particular order, of Wildlife Research Team’s possible future programs and products. WRT has already accomplished many of them, especially in our early, experimental years, before we put all of our time and resources into our two major habitat restoration projects which were discussed in yesterday’s newsletter.

Some will be offered to the public at no cost in furtherance of our nonprofit mission.

Some could offer sponsors the opportunity to become environmental heroes by simply donating funds.

Some are to earn revenue so as to maintain our free programs and make us self-supporting.

  • Canoe View Classroom expanded into Canoe View University (these will be discussed in future posts)
  • Excursions/classes for still photographers or photography clubs
  • Excursions/classes for videographers or cinematographers or their groups
  • Excursions/classes for artists (could include locations to set up easels)
  • Excursions/classes for plant identification
  • Excursions/classes for bird identification
  • Excursions/classes for fish identification
  • Excursions/classes for scientific research; could include field studies, sampling, hands-on experiments
  • Excursions/classes with a focus on Florida history
  • Waterway and coastal cleanups
  • Scavenger hunts with prizes (can coincide with coastal or waterway cleanups)
  • Geocaching
  • Mapping expeditions
  • Snorkeling trips
  • Overnight canoe-camping trips
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout Merit Badge projects
  • Canoe Daycamp
  • Birthday or anniversary parties
  • Weddings
  • Stress relief/Nature Therapy trips
  • Corporate wellness and/or teambuilding
  • Sunrise trips
  • Sunset trips, some featuring the rise of the full moon
  • Nighttime trips during meteor showers
  • Picnics on the water
  • Excursions specially designed for the infirm of all ages (long-term hospital inpatients, residents of nursing homes) for a prescribed dose of Vitamin N(ature)
  • Programs focused on specific groups within the community:

~kids from the inner city;
~over-40 couch potatoes who’d like to be healthier;
~diabetics who, like Dr. Tom Kazo did, suffer from foot ulcers and have difficulty walking;
~veterans who could fulfill volunteer opportunities and/or be paid as Canoe Guides
~(I bet you can come up with some target groups!)

  • Canoe “rodeo” for both fun and skills mastery (the shallow tidal flats of Matheson Hammock are ideal)
  • Yoga or other types of exercise such as tai chi, qi gong; a group paddles to a peaceful location to practice their discipline
  • “Blazing Paddles” exercise sessions
  • Canoe races
  • Scouting expeditions to seek new routes (good for Team building)
  • Guided fishing trips
  • Provide Community Service Hours to students
  • Provide exciting and meaningful volunteer experiences on the water and on land, so that people can earn the hours to become Members even if they are not physically able to paddle a canoe.
  • Create decently-paid jobs (even if part-time) which are properly accounted for
  • Seek and develop leaders to keep WRT paddling for decades to come
  • Offer group benefits to Members

We hope the above list excites you! Our Team has worked hard over these past two decades, but we have had a heck of a lot of fun along the way. We’ve seen a lot of wonderful kids grow up in our canoes, including my own two daughters, Christianna and Jamie.

Even just one WRT canoe excursion, however, has been known to improve a child’s outlook for the rest of his or her life.
Many of these youngsters have been inspired to choose careers in science.

Gratifying? You bet!
Exponential results? Our specialty!

So all the more reason for us to get back to work after this long and frustrating dry spell.

Tomorrow’s post: Where Do We Start?

Thank you so much for your time and attention. There are no greater gifts, when all is said and done.

Hope you have fair winds and sunny skies today,


P.S. Remember you are invited to learn more about WRT before tomorrow (or at any time!), by checking out past posts on our WordPress blog and our website: www.wildlife-research-team.org, and please feel free to share our newsletters and posts with your friends.

Photo: our first two canoes, Do-er and Do-It, moored along Turner River in deep southwest Florida, in 1993, during a scouting expedition.


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